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Initiatives such as opening our Betacam SX and SDDI technology and working with specialized software developers like SunUp underscore a critical point," Steinberg noted.
The 55nm SDDI process features an ultra small SRAM size (0.
The 80nm process leverages UMC's position as the worldwide foundry leader in SDDI, having shipped over 300 million SDDI chips at 0.
SDDI data is compiled using in-vehicle recorders that capture video, audio and vehicle data during sudden stops, swerves, collisions and other risky driving maneuvers.
The distracted driving rate across long-term drivers in the SmartDrive Safety program in the latest SDDI was nearly 43% lower than the rate for drivers new to the program in Q1 2010, evidence that fleets who focus on working with their drivers can successfully manage these distractions.
The initial term of the drilling contract will be for three years with options to SDDI to extend the contract.
Originating from broadcast facilities in New York, the SDDI signals will be transported via the AT&T network to the NAB show floor, and can be seen at both AT&T's booth, #8013 and Sony's booth, #5828.
We're pleased that with SDDI, the technology has evolved further to a more widely accepted standard.