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Syntax Definition Formalism. A language for lexical and syntactic specification.

["The Syntax Definition Formalism SDF - Reference Manual", J. Heering et al, Centre for Math & CS, Amsterdam].

["Algebraic Specification", J.A. Bergstra et al eds, ACM Press 1989, Chap 6. To appear].


(Standard Data Format) A simple file format that uses fixed length fields. It is commonly used to transfer data between different programs.

 Pat Smith   5 E. 12 St.   Rye        NY
 Ed Jones    20 Main St.   New Hope   PA

In contrast to SDF, the comma separated values (CSV) format uses variable length fields.

 "Pat Smith","5 E. 12 St.","Rye","NY"
 "Ed Jones","20 Main St.","New Hope","PA"
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The SDF provides an entirely free service that not only validates the contact registration data provided but also lets the registrar and registry know if we have seen that data used previously in relation to cyber crime.
SDF members are thus prohibited even from firing a warning shot if hostile local forces should obstruct them when they are traveling by car, leaving them no choice but to make detours.
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Instead of advocating the creation of a new "Home Guard" under the dubious auspices of the federal government, I would encourage the authors to support legislation that promotes the Home Guard concept within the existing SDF framework, such as the State Defense Force Improvement Act of 2005 (HR 3401).
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Hiroshi Kumagai, the DPJ's Diet affairs committee chairman, also said it is ''indispensable'' that the government obtain Diet approval for dispatch of the SDF overseas.
For the Cabinet of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, which was launched last September, it will be the first SDF dispatch to a U.
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We're pleased to provide an alternative formulation of WinRho SDF that offers increased convenience for physicians treating this bleeding disorder.
A majority of the public now supports the SDF or evaluates it highly as a result of its participation in U.
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