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Syntax Definition Formalism. A language for lexical and syntactic specification.

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(Standard Data Format) A simple file format that uses fixed length fields. It is commonly used to transfer data between different programs.

 Pat Smith   5 E. 12 St.   Rye        NY
 Ed Jones    20 Main St.   New Hope   PA

In contrast to SDF, the comma separated values (CSV) format uses variable length fields.

 "Pat Smith","5 E. 12 St.","Rye","NY"
 "Ed Jones","20 Main St.","New Hope","PA"
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The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted opposition sources as saying that the SDF has recently started construction of the town of Soluk in Raqqa city to keep in custody over 2,000 SDF's opponents.
( The SDF on Feb.
Naser Haj Mansour, a senior SDF official, told Reuters the SDF had taken a decision to confront Turkish forces "if they try to go beyond the known lines" in the areas near Aleppo where the sides exchanged fire on Wednesday.
In addition to WMA, SDF (nomenclature changed from Special WMA in 2014) has also been in operation since April 1953.
But it actually was made against a backdrop of the Defense Ministry's increasing wariness of sending SDF members to the area out of security concerns in light of the significant restrictions on the use of weapons by SDF personnel.
Sdf (1) = 1, Sdf (2) = 2, Sdf (3) = 3, Sdf (4) = 4, Sdf (5) = 5, Sdf (6) = 6, Sdf (7) = 7, Sdf (8) = 4, Sdf (9) = 9, Sdf (10) = 10, Sdf (11) = 11, Sdf (12) = 6, Sdf (13) = 13, Sdf (14) = 14, Sdf (15) = 5, Sdf (16) = 6....
Re-arranging Equation (4.1) reveals that the expected return is determined by the SDF model as:
The Cabinet of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Thursday endorsed a one-year extension of the SDF mission, which was due to expire Tuesday.
Acting as a syndicator, SDF has standardized its investment terms and documents, thereby, minimizing investor risks, reducing due diligence requirements and keeping closing costs very low.
Despite the ban on out-of-country combat, over the past four decades, Japan has upgraded its forces, professionalizing the SDF without abrogating its constitution.
The Arabic-language al-Arabi al-Jadid news website quoted sources close to the SDF as saying that the SDF has still maintained hundreds of under-18 children in its military bases.