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drop siding
A finish covering on the exterior walls of a building in the form of a series of horizontal strips or boards; made of such cladding materials as wood or aluminum. The strips are usually applied horizontally with an overlap to provide resistance against the penetration of water. Also see bevel siding, bungalow siding, clapboard, colonial siding, drop siding, flush siding, German siding, lap siding, matched siding, novelty siding, rabbeted siding, rustic siding, shingles, shiplap siding, vertical siding, weather slating.
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The workplan also aims to improve data dissemination and reporting through an online Asean SDG indicators database portal which will be publicly available by September 2020.
Kagame said that the next SDG S Summit scheduled next month will assess progress and renew global determination to do what it takes to achieve the goals where the United Nations and the African Union Importantly are going to be working even more closely together.
Meanwhile, Xiamen Airlines will also keep seeking for more opportunities and platforms to actively diffuse the Goals globally, so that more people can participate in supporting the SDGs and jointly creating a better world.
ISLAMABAD -- The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) has said that considering their current trajectory, the Asia and Pacific will not achieve any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.
Universities can submit data on as many of these SDGs as they are able.
He also called for more interaction with stakeholders to reinforce the efforts that are aimed at realizing the SDGs in the FCT even as he pledged to work with the FCT administration and office of the SSA on SDG to address the gaps in the FCT.
The participants of the round table meeting made specific proposals for determining the frequency of information collection on SDG indicators, publication of a general collection with provisions and responsible parties for the SDG in Turkmenistan and a plan for holding meetings among the relevant ministries and departments of Turkmenistan with the involvement of UN agencies for the preparation of a voluntary national review, the message noted.
Eric Schweiger, SDG provides dermatology services to over 500,000 patients annually.
A senior official of Parliamentary Affairs disclosed the government had initially concentrated on starting electricity and gas supply projects in under-developed areas under SDG programme.
A team of astronomers from Kapteyn Astronomical Institute and Leiden Observatory, both in the Netherlands, used the data to measure the 3D movement of stars in the nearby Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy (SDG), a satellite galaxy to our own, located about 300,000 light-years from Earth.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 20 November 2017: The Sudanese pound (SDG) has registered a record decline against foreign currencies during the last period, registering 30 SDG against $1.