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(1) See software-defined radio.

(2) (Standard Dynamic Range) The lower screen contrast in cameras and TV sets prior to the introduction of high dynamic range technology (See HDR).
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dimension ratio

The average specified diameter of a pipe divided by the minimum specified wall thickness.

standard dimensions ratio (SDR)

The ratio of the average specified outside diameter to the minimum specified wall thickness of a pipe.
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More information about the Bittium Tough SDR radios: and
The SDR market functions mainly through voluntary trading agreements under which members voluntarily buy and sell SDRs.
It recorded a massive Rs72.28-billion loss due to the rupee depreciation against the SDR compared to a gain of Rs24.56 billion in FY17.
China hopes that being part of the SDR basket will benefit the yuan, but there are some concerns about whether the currency is 'freely usable', an SDR requirement.
The last time the SDR basket was modified was in 2000, when the euro replaced the German deutschemark and the French franc.
The board of the International Monetary Fund is expected to discuss China's application to join the SDR this month.
"The IMF will probably be supportive of RMB's inclusion in the SDR as its board will hold a meeting to review the relevant issue on Nov.
SDR is an extremely complex and specialist procedure that involves operating on the nerves but the results can be life changing for patients, allowing them to walk again.
Just a year ago health bosses questioned the worth and results of a PS20,000 op called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR).
Absolute and relative weed densities and dry weight of each weed type were recorded to compute summed dominance ratio (SDR) and Sorenson's index (S).
The decoding algorithms based on semi definite relaxation (SDR) approach have become more and more attractive simply because of the fact that semi definite programming (SDP) problems can be efficiently solved in polynomial time [2-5].