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Companies can also make substantial savings by replacing an expensive leased line with SDSL.
Sarabjeet Saur, chief executive of Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Partnership, "Early access to SDSL will provide our business with new opportunities to exploit broadband for profit.
AutoBaud technology takes the biggest benefit of SDSL technology, its selectable multi-rate service capabilities, and makes it very easy for carriers to deploy," said Mark Steenstra, director of SDSL marketing for Conexant's Network Access Division.
The exchanges were selected because of customer demand for SDSL services and high density of SMEs within coverage of the exchanges.
However, the key feature is that SDSL offers bi-directional traffic on high-speed bandwidth, allowing it to be used for a wider range of applications than ADSL, but at a much lower cost than a leased line.
NAS, a Virginia-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), is rolling out the Ascend SDSL services in nine major cities in the Bell Atlantic region.
Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to the ability of CXR-AJ to ship $500,000 of its new SDSL, VDSL and G-SHDSL products in the European market over the next 12 months, to obtain additional sales of $1 million for these products in the North American market during the same period, to ensure a full complement of technologies and products in the market and those factors contained in the "Risk Factors" Section of the company's Form 10-K for the year ended Dec.
According to the company, SDSL provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional leased line access and enables features such as video conferencing and the ability to send and receive large files with faster upload speeds.
The Mini-DSLAM is an environmentally hardened SDSL Multiplexer with integrated backhaul and remote management capabilities.
The Netopia 4652 SDSL/IDSL VPN Router is a business-class solution combining SDSL and IDSL access, hardware-based VPN acceleration, and an Ethernet switch.
Entanet is reported to be offering a 512KB/s SDSL connection for GBP175 per month, 1MB/s for GBP200 per month and 2MB/s for GBP250 per month, for all orders placed by 31 August 2005, regardless of actual connection date.
Business class SDSL service complements the work we've been doing for local businesses in our Web Development division and will help make ProtoSource the best choice in the Central Valley for the Internet needs of small and medium sized businesses," said William Conis, ProtoSource's Chief Executive Officer.