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Furthermore, isotopic niche studies should be compared to each other in terms of SEAc and the uncertainty surrounding such values, based on Bayesian inference and probability distributions.
The SEAC was founded in 1999 and established as a nonprofit agency in 2001 to aid the Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees in the area who lack necessary resources and support.
SEAC controls 250,000 feddans near the city of Bentiu in Unity State (Welayet Al-Wehda), approximately 600 kilometers north of Juba.
SEAC founder Sonia Wallace has spent the past two years drafting an Energy Descent Action Plan with the aim of presenting it to regional, State and Federal Government.
The government, the SEAC said in a statement, will ''unswervingly adhere to its policies toward ethnic minorities,'' focusing on economic and social development in ethnic minority regions, as these polices have proved ''absolutely correct.''
The SEAC would contain news about the war, about life back home and international news.
General Slim's 14th Army troops fighting in the Burma oil region captured Japanese guns and equipment in a fight at Yenaning, 27 miles south of Minbu, to-day's Seac communique reported.
* The SEAC Young Investigator Award--Mary Elizabeth Williams, Pennsylvania State Univ.
It follows new advice from the government's Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC) that atypical scrapie could be distinguished as a condition distinct from both classical scrapie and from experimental BSE in sheep.
In 2002, Kate was elected national council coordinator for the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) and was acting chair of SEAC's board of directors.
Leicester-based SEAC, a leading fastener manufacturer, has undergone a management buyout backed by Midlands financiers.
Welsh Assembly Government Ministers have welcomed the decision of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee, Seac, to meet outside London for the first time at Cardiff's Hilton Hotel.