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Software Engineering Institute.

(Carnegie Mellon University).
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(Balaenoptera borealis), also sei whale, a marine mammal of the family Balaenopteridae of the suborder Mysticeti (whalebone whales). Adults reach a length of 18.8 m, and newborns 4.5 m. The narrow palate is white or pink; along its sides are a light hairlike fringe and 300 to 400 black plates of whalebone, or baleen, which reach a length of 0.8 m. The back is dark, the sides gray with small, light spots (traces of attachment of ectoparasites), and the abdomen gray to white. The dorsal fin is large and located at the beginning of the posterior third of the body.

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(Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, A federally funded research and development center that is under contract to Carnegie Mellon University and is devoted to the advancement of software engineering and the quality of software support systems. The SEI carries out its mission through two principal areas of work: Software Engineering Management Practices, and Software Engineering Technical Practices.

The former practice, which employs the use of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) focuses on improving the management of software acquisition, development and implementation processes. The latter focuses on improving software engineering processes and tools. Together, these two practices are intended to promote the evolution of software engineering from an ad hoc, labor-intensive activity to a well managed discipline that is supported by technology. See CMM.
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