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SF 6

Sulfur hexafluoride; a gas used in enclosed electrical circuit breakers because of its arc-extinguishing properties.
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Insulated SF6 circuit breakers are a widely-used modern alternative in the management of electricity networks offering a longer service life and assize advantage.
Begin leak detection immediately after the pipeline is filled with SF6 after the pressure test medium.
The subject of the public contract is the supply of metal-covered, Type-tested switchboards up to 25 kv with sf6 gas insulation in a modular design.
Uw essling - delivery of a 30 kv sf6 indoor switchgear, - 6 branches and 2 structural reserves - including secondary installation and - 30 kv cable connection and - dismantling of the system.
Uw bhler ii, Delivery of a 110 kv sf6 indoor switchgear, 12 branches and 4 structural reserves, Including the secondary installation and the 110 kv cable connections.
Contract notice: Manufacture in own production as well as supply and installation of an sf6 insulated type-tested 10- / 30-kv switchgear for the holzminden-west substation.
Tenders are invited for supply of sf6 gas cylinder for 220 kv sf6 breakers at 3x105 mw,thps-i,sirmour, distt.