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SF 6

Sulfur hexafluoride; a gas used in enclosed electrical circuit breakers because of its arc-extinguishing properties.
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Twenty-nine eyes from the C3F8 group received a single intravitreal injection of 0.3 mL of 100% C3F8, and 28 eyes from the SF6 group received a single intravitreal injection of 0.3 mL of 100% SF6.
Insulated SF6 circuit breakers are a widely-used modern alternative in the management of electricity networks offering a longer service life and assize advantage.
Time and money can be saved when pressure testing a pipeline by injecting SF6 during the first test fill.
PFCs are used in the semiconductor industry, while SF6 is used for electrical insulation.
SF6-free circuit-breakers and GIS are a further development of the switching and insulation using SF6, which has been proven in practice for years.
The Swiss-Swedish group - which was not inspected - has announced that an internal audit uncovered anti-competitive practices on the market for SF6 circuit breakers.
The decline reflects falls in the use of PFCs to wash electronic parts and the use of SF6, due to industry efforts to reduce the emissions and promote alternatives.