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Caption: Flanked by Peterbilt Motors hosts, Con-Tech co-owners Grant McNeilus and Dan Welsh (fourth and fifth from left) arrived in Denton, Texas, ready to usher the first full production Model 567 SFFA into their inventory.
Reception has been overwhelmingly positive and the new SFFA configuration gives our customers more choices than ever to meet their jobsite requirements and business goals.
Caption: As noted in March ("World of Concrete back in a big way," page 8), Peterbilt Motors parked the premier 567 SFFA in the Las Vegas Convention Center, ahead of delivery to the Cemex USA fleet.
dollar terms, converted from the foreign currency or currencies in which the SFFA is denominated.
Part IV on Form 8938 is used to indicate where SFFAs are disclosed on the above forms.
Caption: Nearly two years after introducing the charter 567 in a setback axle design, Peterbilt chose World of Concrete 2015 to round out the package, premiering the 567 SFFA (set-forward front axle).
WRQ Reflection for the Web helped us solve the key business problem of giving our customers Web-based access to SFFA's Dollar$ software from their host systems," said Dave Fern, president of SFFA Inc.
One of the nation's fastest growing resellers of computer products and services, En Pointe received The SFFA Customer Interaction Award from Sales & Field Force Automation Magazine, and a profile of En Pointe's field service implementation is featured in this month's issue.