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William Lee, a lawyer for Harvard, countered that SFFA's claims were based on heavily manipulated data and "invective accusations and innuendo."
SFFA said that its analysis of Harvard admissions data shows that Asian-American applicants are less likely to be admitted than their white, Hispanic or black counterparts.
Last year SFFA launched the Foster New Beginnings campaign with advertising and outreach to human service organizations to raise awareness of the need for more foster families.
(102) To alleviate the burden of duplicative tax reporting, the IRS instructions provide exceptions for reporting SFFAs on Form 8938.
When interviewed about the websites, Edward Blum, the founder of SFFA said: "We are highly confident that during the course of a case in which admission records are examined, emails are examined, admissions officers are deposed, we will uncover a systematic program of limiting Asians to a specific a percentage year after year after year." Id.
At the end of the press conference, coalition leaders invited all Asian Americans who felt that they had been discriminated against to share their complaints with them or with SFFA.
6038D, enacted as part of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, requires individuals to report interests in specified foreign financial assets (SFFAs) when filing their federal income tax returns for tax years beginning after March 18, 2010, using Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets.
The SFFA was the brainchild of Stuart Crowther, the Editor of the Hibs' unoffical fans' web-site, www.hibs.net, which has 30,000 readers per month.
SFFA's dues-paying membership currently stands at 104, according to Lu Xiang-Hua, secretary general.
SFFA, which is headed by Edward Blum, claimed in court papers that Harvard, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, illegally engages in "racial balancing" that artificially limits the number of Asian-American students at the elite school.
The Saskatchewan Foster Families Association (SFFA) and the Government of Saskatchewan are the first in Canada to partner together to provide the 30 hours of required training for all foster families online, with video conferencing equipment donated by SaskTel Pioneers.
Peterbilt Motors' first Model 567 SFFA truck bearing the lightweight, fuel efficient Paccar MX-11 engine was delivered earlier this year to Knife River Corp., which is added the truck its Northwest Region mixer fleet.