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solar heat gain coefficient

The fraction of normally incident solar energy that is transmitted through glazing under standard summer conditions.
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Target Value for Fenestration Assemblies (*) Climate Zone Window U-Factor Window SHGC (W/[m.sup.2]-K; Btu/[ft.sup.2] -hr-[degrees]F) 1 0.38/0.29 (0.067/0.051) 0.26/0.22 2 0.38/0.29 (0.067/0.051) 0.26/0.22 3 0.35/0.24 (0.062/0.042) 0.35/0.23 4 0.35/0.24 (0.062/0.042) 0.35/0.23 5 0.35/0.24 (0.062/0.042) 0.35/0.23 6 0.25/0.19 (0.044/0.033) 0.40/0.24 7 0.25/0.25 (0.044/0.044) 0.40/0.40 8 0.25/0.25 (0.044/0.044) 0.40/0.40 (*) Details for Glazing System Performance/Enhanced Glazing System Performance
SHGC is not one of the most important parameters when a building with standard WWR is analysed, but in this case is different.
The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures the amount of solar radiation that passes through the window.
4) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): For climates that require a lot of heating, TDDs should have a medium to high SHGC.
The Solar Heat Gain coefficient (SHGC) for the glazing used in the selected building is 0.75, which means the amount of solar heat gain passing through the glazing is 75%.
The SHGC is an index that determines the total quantity of solar radiation that passes through a window, while the SC shows the degree to which solar radiation is blocked.
Solar heat gain--expressed as the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC)--measures how much of the sun's energy that strikes the window and frame actually moves into the building as heat.
Sweet Homes General Contracting (SHGC) has reassured the Ajman Realty Regulatory Agency (ARRA) that 200 phase one villa units on the $600m 'Ajman Uptown' project are on track for completion in September 2012.
--a solar heat gain coefficient of the windows (SHGC);
Thermal Mass (thickness, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, density, internal thermal mass, and windows SHGC)
Sometimes U and R are more effective than SHGC, and a small amount of insulation in the right place will do even more.
A second important window measurement is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which is the amount of solar gain a window allows.