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She said: "We are deeply concerned by the increased SIDs rate in England and Wales.
The study involved more than 200 SIDS cases in the West Midlands, with researchers looking at levels of air pollution the day before a SIDS death and comparing them to levels on a previous reference day.
An important study published Wednesday in the Lancet shows a link between SIDS and a rare genetic mutation that would make some families more vulnerable than others -- providing a possible explanation for situations like Clark's.
The researchers found that 53 SIDS cases (12.6 percent) had at least one "potentially informative" GHD-associated variant.
According to the University of Virginia School of Medicine research, breastfeeding for at least two months cuts a baby's risk of SIDS almost in half.
Pakistan also has a high poverty rate which, as stated before, is another risk factor for SIDS. We carried out a thorough online literature search on PubMed and PakMediNet and found no researches studying the incidence of SIDS in Pakistan.
Leading SIDS charity, The Lullaby Trust, says that more action needs to be taken by local authorities and health professionals in Yorkshire to tackle the worryingly high rates of SIDS in the region.
SHARING SAFER SLEEP THE Lullaby Trust wants to bring the number of SIDS deaths down to below half the current number by 2020, and as part of that drive, they are launching a new Safer Sleep for Babies animation film that can be shared on smartphones, in a bid to get the message across to younger parents.
A 1993 study first linked infant thermoregulation and respiratory control to SIDS, (10) and in 2008 scientists reported that the use of a fan in an infant's bedroom appeared to help reduce SIDS risk.
Evidence relating to c o-sleeping (parents or carers sleeping on a bed or sofa or chair with an infant) in the first year of an infant's life shows there is a statistical relationship between SIDS and co-sleeping.