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SKC (sky clear)

A term to indicate the sky is clear and devoid of any clouds.
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SKC is also in the province for a consultation with the youth leaders of Cordillera Administrative Region for the development of a national program of actions that will be guiding all its member organizations nationwide.
Brief scores: SKC Goa bt Desert Rajasthan by 32 runs.
Following up at Sporting Park is a tough ask, but SKC have a depleted backline and this could be a good time to strike.
Following Toyobo's investment, the paid-up capital of the JV is US$58,823,530 - comprised of SKC with 43.
As McDonald prepares to retire next year after more than 30 years at the helm of SKC, he looks back with satisfaction and a bit of wonder at all that has happened for his and other tribal colleges since those humble beginnings.
In two years, SKC will graduate its first elementary school teachers trained exclusively at the college.
7,018,689; Junggyu Lee, Namil Kim, Sangil Kim, Yongin Park and Changju Lee, assignors to SKC Limited, Korea.
For Safe Kids Week, 3-9 June 2002, SKC engaged Environics Communications Inc.
Further, the influence of station SKC, situated at distance from both epicentral areas is discussed.
mil, (860) 694-5522 SKC Nic Parham, Nparham@sssunlon.
SKC America's 850 Clark Drive building in Mount Olive, N.
This SKC recirculating bearing can be used in delicate Vacuum and clean room environments, yet is robust enough to provide years of operation.