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This study aims to compare the MOC efferent activity and basal transient OAE between children with SLD and children with normal development.
Steve Leung, Founder of Steve Leung Design Group Limited, (right), presents a unique painting drawn by one of the SLD Group's colleagues who is a famous graffiti artist in Hong Kong which demonstrates a combination of SLD impression as a souvenir to Ms.
However, the unique wiring in ADHD and SLD brains often requires added encouragement, empathy, and a few coping skills beyond what is typically provided in traditional lesson instruction.
Our study aims at studying the clinical profile of children diagnosed with SLD to give us a better understanding regarding the genetic vulnerability, physical attributes, psychiatric comorbidities, and other factors possibly associated with SLD.
In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders --Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR), SLD was diagnosed when the individual's (that have normal or above normal level of intelligence) reading, written expression or mathematics levels found below from expected for his or her age and level of intelligence obtained in standardized intelligence tests.
In this study it is aimed to examine the probable prevalence of the SLD in the second- and fourth-grade students, sociodemographic features, demographic characteristics of the SLD subtypes, and the relationships between the age and gender in the Edirne provincial center
The cornerstone of treatment of SLD is remedial education, which should ideally begin early, as the central nervous system plasticity is more in the early years.
Hunt (JBH) recently announced it plans to acquire Special Logistics Dedicated LLC (SLD) for $136 million, with the deal subject to customary closing conditions.
Moreover, in developing countries such as Pakistan, these problems could be attributed to other pathological causes such as specific learning disabilities (SLD)4.
ADHD and SLD all-over Pakistan, adding that the ASDWT was committed to generating a mass of trained teachers and parents.
"Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), which are disorders affecting school performance (reading, arithmetic, writing), remain misunderstood by some doctors, teachers and parents and are often confused with learning difficulties, which are rather temporary and related to psychological and socio-familial causes (economic difficulties, family problems ...) ", she told TAP on the sidelines of an open door day held at the Higher Institute of Special Education in Manouba, on the observance of the Learning Disabilities Awareness Month.