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SLM Corporation,

foremost provider of funding for higher education to American students; commonly known as Sallie Mae. The company, which also offers information and resources to assist students and others in obtaining funding, had a portfolio of some $127 billion in managed student loans by the early 21st cent. The majority of those loans were federally guaranteed. The SLM Corp. also has a number of educational and finance-related subsidiaries and sponsors the Sallie Mae Fund, a charitable organization that promotes access to higher education. The company is headquartered in Reston, Va. Created in 1972 as the Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA), it was originally a government-sponsored entity. Privatization was initiated in 1997 and finalized in 2004, when Sallie Mae cut all ties to the federal government.
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An FDIC-insure bank, Sallie Mae Bank is a subsidiary of SLM Corporation - commonly known as Sallie Mae.
Also, Sallie Mae or SLM Corporation and its subsidiaries are not sponsored by or agencies of USA.
Country: , USASector: Banking/Financial ServicesTarget: The Student Loan CorporationBuyer: SLM Corporation , Discover Financial ServicesVendor: Citigroup IncDeal size in USD: 600mType: DivestmentStatus: Closed
SLM Corporation together with its subsidiaries, operates as a saving, planning and paying for college company in the US.
Sallie Mae (NASDAQ: SLM), formally SLM Corporation, today announced that it has sold the residual interest in its SLM Student Loan Trust 2007-4 securitization to a third party.
Sallie Mae (NASDAQ: SLM), formally SLM Corporation, a United States-based saving, planning, and paying for college company, has said that it has declared a cash dividend of USD0.
Sallie Mae, which is formally called SLM Corporation, is a US-based education financing provider whose products and services include college savings programmes, scholarship search tools, education loans, tuition insurance and online banking.
SLM Corporation (NYSE: SLM), or Sallie Mae, is planning to launch a USD812.
SLM Corporation (Sallie Mae) (Nasdaq:SLM) disclosed on Thursday the redemption of the outstanding 3,300,000 shares of its 6.
Sallie Mae, formally SLM Corporation, said in January its GAAP net income expanded to USD633m, or USD1.
SLM Corporation (NYSE: SLM), commonly known as Sallie Mae, has said that it has appointed Jonathan C Clark as executive vice president & chief financial officer.
Sallie Mae (NASDAQ: SLM), formally SLM Corporation, announced that its Board of Directors today approved increasing the quarterly dividend on the company's common stock from 12.