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A trademark of Smallworldwide Plc..


An object-oriented language.

["SW 2 - An Object-based Programming Environment", M.R. Laff et al, IBM TJWRC, 1985].
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OpenUtilities Solutions for DER create automatic network analysis models for Siemens' PSSASINCAL with the integration of GIS-based network data (including ESRI, GE, and Smallworld).
There was also a mini concert featuring young Cambodian outfit SmallWorld SmallBand.
The band has just released a third album, Smallworld, and the ten tracks show their fiery fiddle work; guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass inter-play, all topped-off accordion and vocals.
Many researchers have used this measure to estimate the robustness of some complex networks and the heterogeneity of their structures such as the smallworld Farey graph [8], the two-tree network [9], the planar unclustered networks [10], the prism and antiprism graphs [11], and the lattices [12].
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The different data sources integrated by Ubisense myWorld at installation include three separate Geographic Information Systems, Esri, GE Smallworld and Intergraph, IBM's Maximo Asset record system, live weather and Google Maps with Street View.
Summary: SmallWorld UAE is driven by mission of educating little ones scarred by the conflict
and Fujitsu Limited today announced an agreement to bring GE's industry-leading Geographic Information System (GIS), Smallworld, to market in Japan.
GE's Smallworld platform provides geospatial inventory management solutions to over 150 telecom operators and utilities around the globe.