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(operating system)
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sheet-metal screw, tapping screw

sheet-metal screws
A coarse-threaded, tapered screw with a slotted head for driving with a screwdriver; used for fastening sheet metal and other materials, without a tapped hole and without a nut.
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(1) (Storage Management System) See HSM.

(2) (Systems Management Server) Windows NT server software. See SCCM and SMS Installer.

(3) (System-Managed Storage) MVS mainframe software from IBM. Introduced in 1988, SMS allocated data to prevent errors when disks became full. See DFSMS.

(4) (Storage Management Services) NetWare server software used to back up data from the network, regardless of file system. See SIDF.

(5) (Short Message Service) SMS is the text messaging service on mobile phones. Due to the billions of cellphones in use, SMS, or "texting" is the most ubiquitous messaging system on the planet. Text messages are limited to 160 characters in length and are sent to regular cellphone numbers. For commercial purposes, texting can be used to retrieve information as well as links to download an app (see short code).

Like instant messaging, SMS transmits the sender's message to the recipient immediately. It also stores and forwards messages later if a recipient's phone was turned off. SMS pricing differs by carrier. It is very often included in the subscriber's plan, or there may be a charge per message.

Traveling over a control channel separate from the voice channel, SMS was introduced in the GSM system in Europe and migrated worldwide to all cellphone carriers (see GSM). Whereas SMS is text only, MMS supports multimedia (see MMS). See text messaging vs. instant messaging and Rich Communication Services.

Regular Cellphone Keypads
Texting can be done on standard cellphones by pressing keys multiple times quickly. For example, press 8-4-4-3-3 for the word "t-h-e." See cellphone keyboard.

The SMS Term Is Used
SMS is a widely used acronym to refer to text messaging, witness this AARP registration dialog.
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UK SMS growth is the first in a series of reports from the O2 business trending index, which has been created to understand and monitor core business trends, including the use of technology, changing business practices, and other key social, cultural and economic indices defining UK business behaviour.
By SMS type, the global SMS firewall market is segmented into application to person (A2P) messaging, person to application (P2A) messaging, and others.
* 2-Way SMS available in a limited number of countries, with more to come soon.
The redemption code will be valid for two working days as per mentioned dates in the SMS. The customer may then approach the concerned e-branch along with his/her original CNIC/Smart Card, their photocopy and transaction code received from 8877 to obtain fresh currency notes.
With Captura SMS, Annecto Telecom maintains efficient operations with fully automated processes.
SMS group is one of the leading global system suppliers of plants, machines and services along the entire metallurgical value chain.
It will ensure that SMS is wellpositioned with suppliers of domestic gas and electricity for the future UK domestic smart metering roll out.
The preliminary investigations revealed that SMS had been sent through a website providing free SMS service instead of any mobile phone.
The SMS recipient takes more time to read a text message than watching a TV commercial with as much concentration or stopping to glance at a billboard and this is what makes the difference.
The research shows that the rate of SMS including taxes is highest in Morocco, followed by Lebanon, Qatar, Mauritania, Kuwait, Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, and Syria.
According to a report of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on SMS, the texting fever caused by the bundles offers and lowering charges of cellular operators on their networks that showed of 15.66 percent or 23.75 billion in 2010 compared with 2009 numbers.