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tin snips

Shears with a blunt nose; used for cutting thin sheet metal.
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A green snips is designed to cut clockwise curves and a red snips to cut counterclockwise curves.
Then use the technique shown in Photos 1 and 2 depending on which color snips you're using.
He found 35 per cent were FLIPS and 33 per cent SNIPS.
Northerners are also more likely to be SNIPS, midlanders FLIPS and southerners HIPS.
straight-bladed tinners snips (Photo 4) makes straight cuts and very gentle curves.
Aviation snips (Photos 5 through 7), also called "offset snips," are for tight curves - as small as 3 inches in diameter.
The investigators then tested whether the proteins were able to snip out the flanked DNA sequence and add it to the target loop.
Waclaw Szybalski of the University of Wisconsin at Madison now reports a method to customize a restriction enzyme to snip at any six- to 16-nucleotide sequence desired.
The children screamed in agony as they underwent the snip at the Turkish resort of Gumbet.