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see SurakartaSurakarta
or Soerakarta
, city (1990 pop. 503,827), on central Java, Indonesia, on the Solo River. Connected by rail with Surabaya and Jakarta, it is a trade center for an area producing tobacco, rice, and sugar.
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, Indonesia.
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a river in Indonesia, the largest river on the island of Java. Approximately 540 km long, the river drains an area of about 17,000 sq km. It originates on the slopes of the Lawu and Merapi volcanoes and flows primarily through a wide and often marshy valley. In its lower course the river meanders sharply and empties into the Java Sea. High water occurs from October through May and causes heavy flooding. The Solo is navigable for 200 km; the lower course has been straightened and canalized. The river valley is densely populated and cultivated. The cities of Solo (former name Surakarta), Cepu, and Bojonegoro are on the Solo. In the period 1931–33 remains of Palaeonthropus (Solo man) were found on the riverbank at the village of Ngandong.



(1) In a musical work written for more than one voice, a part or section having special melodic expressiveness and significance and performed by a single singer or instrumentalist (in some instances, by several musicians).

(2) A piece written for a single instrument with or without accompaniment.

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A flight in which a pilot is the sole occupant of the aircraft.
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1. a musical composition for one performer with or without accompaniment
2. any of various card games in which each person plays on his own instead of in partnership with another, such as solo whist
3. a flight in which an aircraft pilot is unaccompanied
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[SOL (Semantic Operating Language) + LOGO]. A variant of LOGO with primitives for dealing with semantic networks and pattern matching rather than lists.

["A User-Friendly Software Environment for the Novice Programmer", M. Eisenstadt <>, CACM 27(12):1056-1064 (1983)].
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With respect to ship and port security, the MSC approved a circular on non-mandatory guidelines on security aspects of the operation of vessels that do not fall within the scope of Solas chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code.
The idea that great literature as storytelling should have the sentence and solas that Chaucer requires of the tales of his pilgrims did not originate with Chaucer.
Back in Spain, Zambrano labored to get the screenplay of Solas off the ground.
SOLAS has helped admissions faculty better manage the large number of applicants, thus lightening the employees' work load.
WRITING'S ON THE WALL Street art by Solas in Dublin
The SOLAS Big Boat Challenge starts at 12.30 pm on Tuesday 13 December.
Ideal for vessels required to retrofit ECDIS to meet amended SOLAS requirements, the modular E5024 ECDIS system offers simple installation in either single-station or dual-station (PLECDIS) configurations.
Solas works with intervention programmes to ensure disadvantaged and at-risk children in Dublin's inner city are provided with an education while ORBIS is an international organisation dedicated to the treatment and prevention of blindness in the developing world.
The ministry said in a statement that Bahrain has to adopt the LRIT as it is part of the Solas initiative.
Solas Press will release the book for publication in October of 2012.