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(Small Outline Transistor) A surface mount package for electronic components (transistor, resistor, etc.). It was the first type of surface mount packaging.
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a river in Yaroslavl Oblast, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Kostroma River. The Sot’ measures 144 km in length and drains an area of 1,460 sq km. It originates in the Danilov Uplands and empties into Kostroma Bay of the Gorky Reservoir. It is fed mainly by snow. High water is in April and May. The mean flow rate 59 km from the mouth is 6.5 cu m per sec. The river freezes in late October or in November, and the ice breaks up in April. Timber is floated on the Sot’ during high water. [24–611–1 ]

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Federation of Free Workers (FFW) President Sonny Matula says the DOLE version is better than Senate Bill 1826, the SOT bill in the 17th Congress, which President Duterte vetoed.
Duterte vetoed the SOT bill on the last week of July or just a day before it was scheduled to lapse.
SOT Events started as a conference series in the year 2000 and are organised by Beaconhouse as part of its ongoing commitment to its social responsibility.
Like all blind people, Sot lives in a world of darkness, but her feat will bring a ray of hope to persons with disabilities.
Two-year survival for these responding patients was 83% and 86% following HCT and SOT, respectively.
--Three SOT continuing education courses on Sunday, March 11, that focus on developing and using alternative methods will include ICCVAM participation.
All patients completed the six standardized sensory conditions of the SOT according to the manufacturer's instructions [4].
This large, urban outbreak provided us the opportunity to analyze the incidence and specific risk factors of VL among SOT recipients.
SAN DIEGO -- The guided-missile destroyer USS Milius (DDG 69) successfully completed their first system-of-systems operability test (SOT) on their Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) equipment, Jan.
PORSCHE will this month un-il nw shiPnminmhinin thshothnw uo S molhouoooust s-loonuto lt thoo otoShowhs n uttwin tuohninloouinhht mns it n h mh in sons nhs thotntil otosomht will ost om whn iinin nuthouh its n uismo ntus minolulisits to thn ums its oil ul onsumtion uis onlm-n imo-mnt thouh othious molShowith -inh uo whlswhih oth lnsinintlwithn thstnons on othmo-lsthuo S lso tus uniuun-mtl looPll-ium mtlliint ohinsin owomto thPnmuo ninhs n hithouh isions to thtuo-hs nintion ssuhis lso n otionl sots hust sstm whih i-ts thninsounstiht into thin t thush o uttonus will lso t Poshs tisusnsion mnmnt sstm lus Sot Chono -inluwith Comot Sot nSot Plus mos lonwith -tstmisnsithis two-tonlth-tim with Poshsts m-osson thont hsts-wowont stshtsts ll ounnn-ous lnhoomn otll ssns
To represent a group with chronic high-dose exposure, we assembled a sample population of 6,747 residents from 12 rural farming villages in Thailand's Mae Sot District, Tak Province.
SOT Brian Fisher, unemployed and dropped off interview outfit : "I'm going for an interview Thursday.