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a former French coin of low denomination
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an old French coin, originally made of gold and later of silver and copper. One sou was equal to 1/20 of a livre or to 12 deniers. When France adopted the decimal system in 1799, the sou was replaced by a 5-centime coin equal to 1/20 of a livre or of a franc. The new coin was commonly called a sou until 1947, when it was withdrawn from circulation in connection with the devaluation of the French franc.

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Introducing the distribution of sous vide products into the UAE market, swiftly followed by manufacturing in a Dubai-based facility, affords us the opportunity to secure a local supply chain of high-quality products."
The venture will start distributing its sous vide products to customers, which include airlines, restaurants and hospitality providers, in the UAE from this month.
* Control: a sous vide machine utilizes a heated metal coil to bring water to a constant temperature with no fluctuating extremes.
"More and more people are turning to sous vide because it's an easy way to get gourmet results at home," said Catherine-Gail Reinhard, vice president-product strategy and marketing for StoreBound, which offers a couple of sous vide products.
The sous chef will delegate tasks, plan and direct food preparation, create new menus, ensure staff work in a safe, hygienic environment, and possibly take responsibility for training apprentices.
Elles recevront un code sous forme de lettre pour savoir quels sont leurs chiffres et comment ils evoluent[beaucoup plus grand que].
- Le 6 Aout : Beethoven 9 Hymne a la joie ', avec l'Orchestre International Allemand, sous la direction du Maestro Markus Stenz
sous la direction de Celine Saint-Pierre, Jean-Philippe Warren.
Art Culinaire decided to search for sous vide in Las Vegas, Nevada and Manhattan, New York.
Up to now, the high cost of technology and equipment for sous vide manufactures has made it difficult to produce items that are acceptably priced to the mindset of the average grocery shopper.
Shortlisted in the category were Ajeesh Alphonse, junior sous chef, The MED, Media One, Dubai, Cinu Chandran, sous chef, West 14th, Dubai and Novy Roxas, sous chef, The Address, Dubai Marina.