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As a result, NHL was removed from the SPML packaging panel and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) was informed.
First Philec) against SPML, Lopez-led First Philippine Holdings Corp.
It also found SPML to be in material breach of its obligations to First Philec under the joint venture agreement between First Philec and SPML.
Under the deal, the bank receives an introducer's fee for selling a sub prime mortgage but the risk remains with SPML and stays off Northern Rock's balance sheet.
At this production rate, SPML will employ approximately 200 people.
Importantly, SCIM's lighter-weight approach to application connectivity, compared to legacy standards like SPML, has a high degree of appeal to the SaaS vendors themselves.
SPML is one of India's largest water, waste and power infrastructure companies.
Northern Rock entered the sub-prime sector earlier this year under a tie-up with Lehman Brothers subsidiary SPML.
If you have had some credit problems in the past but are still looking for a low rate then SPML has a very competitive discount rate that starts at 3.
why SCIM is more likely to become industry supported than SPML (Service Provisioning Markup Language),
Given the relatively stable cash flows of Subhash Kabini in comparison with other group companies and the liquidity pressures within the flagship, SPML, the company's cash flows are critical from the group's perspective.
SPML is India's leading engineering, construction and project management company Insituform will continue pursuing work in India's sewer pipeline rehabilitation market and will also expand into drinking water and culvert rehabilitation in the coming months.