SQL Server

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SQL Server

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1. Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

2. Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL server

(Note not capitalised) Any database management system (DBMS) that can respond to queries from clients formatted in the SQL language.

Two popular examples are Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase SQL Server.
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SQL Server

An earlier relational DBMS from Sybase and from Microsoft. Sybase introduced SQL Server in 1988 for various Unix versions. In that same year, with help from IBM, Sybase created an OS/2 version that Microsoft licensed and branded as Microsoft SQL Server. Sybase later ported the product to NT and NetWare, and Sybase and Microsoft sold the same version for NT under their own brand names for several years.

The partnership ended in 1994 with Version 4, and each company continued developing its version of the product separately. Microsoft SQL Server became Microsoft's flagship database software for Windows. In 1997, Sybase turned its version into Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, which uses different data stores optimized for specific applications. See ASE.
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For HA for SQL Server, the replication should be synchronous; that is, both the active and standby instances are being updated simultaneously, and this requires a high-performance, low-latency network.
- Build - deploys a database either on LocalDB or on a specified SQL Server and generates a NuGet package from a source control repository.
For example, the source SQL Server database should be SQL Server 2005 or greater.
SQL Server for Linux runs atop a Drawbridge Windows library OS - a user-mode NT kernel - within a secure container called a picoprocess that communicates with the host Linux operating system through the Drawbridge application binary interface.
- The login audit trail report provides all captured events such as successful login, logout, and password changes on the audited SQL Server instance.
"Considering the wealth of valuable information organisations have in SQL Servers and the IT industry's toughened security management guidance for SQL Servers, DBAs need a consolidated tool to monitor, report, and alert on SQL audit activities," said Aravindhan Jaganathan, Product Manager, ManageEngine.
The next version of SQL Server will feature the ability to host database tables or even entire databases within a server's working memory.
The combination of Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSDs and VXL software enables the full potential of SQL Server 2012 in virtualized data centers through the following key capabilities:
The new bundle pairs NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server 7.0, the latest release of Quest's core SQL Server backup product, with NetVault FastRecover, the company's patented CDP solution.
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New Delhi, Apr 6 (ANI/Business Wire India): HP StorageWorks Division today announced the launch of the HP PolyServe Software for Microsoft SQL Server.
REAL Software, Austin, Texas, maker of REALbasic and REAL SQL Server, which run cross-platform on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems, has launched REAL SQL Server 2008 Release 1.