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A draft standard for another extension of SQL. The latest SQL3 Working Draft addresses the requirement for objects and "object identifiers" in SQL and also specifies supporting features such as encapsulation, subtypes, inheritance, and polymorphism.

In the USA, SQL3 is being processed as both an ANSI Domestic ("D") project and as an ISO project. It is expected to be complete in 1998.

November 1992 paper.

Working draft.

[ISO/IEC SQL Revision. ISO-ANSI Working Draft Database Language SQL (SQL3), Jim Melton - Editor, document ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 N6931, ANSI, July 1992].

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1995], the goal was to develop a proposal for the SQL/ Temporal part of SQL3 [Snodgrass et al.
SQL3 Committee Drafts can be found at the SQL website: ftp://jerry.
see the SQL3 draft descriptions in Widom and Ceri [1996] versus Kulkarni et al.
Data manipulation events are captured by simple row-level granularity triggers as currently defined in the SQL3 standard; each Chimera-Exc data manipulation event is translated into a corresponding database trigger [Cochrane et al.
Finally, we show that the approach is general, by applying it to the temporal query language constructs being proposed for SQL3.