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(Streaming SIMD Extensions) A set of registers and instructions added to Intel CPU chips to improve multimedia performance, primarily video encoding and decoding. Starting with the Pentium III in 1999, eight 128-bit integer registers were added along with 70 new instructions. Eight more registers were added for 64-bit CPUs and additional instructions have been added in subsequent SSE evolutions (see tables below).

The SSE registers enable multiple sets of integer and floating point data to be calculated at the same time. SSE works with all standard data types, including double precision floating point and any integer from eight to 128 bits. See MMX and SIMD.

EVOLUTION OF SSENumberVersionof      Year  Inst.  Features

 SSE   1999   70  single precision vectors

 SSE2  2000  144  double precision vectors
                  128-bit vector integer

 SSE3  2004   13  complex arithmetic
                   MPEG encoding

 SSSE3 2006   32  MPEG decoding
                  (SSSE = Suplemental SSE)

 SSE4  2007   54  graphics building blocks
                  video & coprocessor

SSE Integer Registers
Eight integer registers were added for 32-bit CPUs and eight more for 64-bit CPUs.
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