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SSM is the dominant methodology and the concept of Enterprise Science is embedded in it (Figure 2).
In reality, we've already lost the fight for SSM, and it's time to move on to a fight we can win.
2004: B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan marriage commissioners, who disapproved of SSM; Royal Bank-Toronto employees, who refused to display rainbow triangles on their desks.
SSM and Aselsan have already signed a memorandum of understanding for the indigenous production of the RWRs, jammers, and laser warners.
While semi-solid metal (SSM) casting has been practiced across the U.S.
SSM Health Care, which operates in four states and employs some 23,000 people, gained the nod over 16 other healthcare groups vying for the award this year.
They correctly recognized that SSM is not a single technology, but rather a suite of technologies that allow 1) capture of data at an appropriate scale and time, 2) interpretation and analysis of that data to support a range of management decisions, and 3) implementation of a management response at an appropriate scale and time.
According to SSM, it is working actively to change the current capital structure and the purpose of the repurchases is to reduce SSM's gross debt and to improve the company's net interest income.
- A failure of existing development approaches to take account of how SSM (and related policies) is/are influenced by broader economic, political and social processes (and relevant sectoral policies);
SSM AG highlighted following technologies: TG30-ETC offering the combination of false-twist texturing and air-texturing in one process step.
The award recipient is chosen by the SSM Health St.