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CUTLINE: From left are Jennifer Micarelli-Webb, drama teacher at Oak Middle School and Shrewsbury High School; Bonnie Narcisi, director of Music and Theatre Department for all Shrewsbury schools; George Smith, SSMA board member; David L'Ecuyer, president and CEO of Central One; and John Geremia, SSMA president.
For additional information on Phillips SSMA membership, call 800.
From bass cellos and kettle drums to assisting with the costs associated with maintenance and refurbishment of keyboards, there is no limit to the ways in which the SSMA distributes assistance.
ViperStud meets the new SSMA requirements for minimum nominal bending moment, screw capacity, and screw penetration values.
In addition, the SSMA awarded $4,200 in scholarships.
The SSMA tool reduces the cost and time required for analysis, migration and follow-up testing, effectively streamlining the transition of customers' DAM solutions to the SQL Server platform.
Telling is a member of the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association and supports the SSMA Certification process.
Proceeds from the annual drive are used by SSMA to support music education, programs and needs for approximately 1,500 students districtwide.
Specialty Connector's products include SMA, SSMA, SMB, SMC, N, BNC, TNC and a blind mate series for radio and microwave frequencies.
Zscaler, the Zscaler Logo, DCC, SSMA and NanoLog are trademarks of Zscaler, Inc.
In addition to the Consumer Products Group, SSMA includes Business and Professional Component and Computer, and Recording Media product groups.