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Carlsen said SSO will provide training and teach skills to the citizens during the construction of solar plants.
8220;We made this investment because QuickLaunch SSO has proven its mettle by achieving profitability.
Reed said she understood changes of the scale detailed in the SSO proposal would require changes to the 2003 Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act.
SSAI plans to use Cloud SSO to give employees access to other online services after signing in to Salesforce.
Participants who did not receive naltrexone but had SSO involvement had a higher average number of drinks per drinking day over time than the group with no SSO involvement," Dr.
SSO maturity, such as the use of increasingly sophisticated management practices by SSOs relative to industry best practices at each stage of the maturity path;
SSO can be customized so that all linking benefit sites (such as pharmacy or vision care) are either fully branded or cobranded to look and feel like the health plan's Web site or the employer's Web site.
CA's eTrust SSO product, a core component of its CA eTrust security suite, allows authorized NCC users to enter a single password to access all appropriate Web-based applications, in- house programs, databases and ERP systems via the Internet.
Nasdaq:NESY), Sugar Land, Texas, a provider of Enterprise Access and Integration, Security, and Subsystem Management software products, has introduced Halo SSO v 4.
Because so many SSO babies are being identified, the gay and lesbian community has developed a parent-proficiency training program to assist families in providing a supportive emotional environment for their SSO child to grow up in.