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(Chief Security Officer) The person in charge of all staff members who are responsible for promulgating, enforcing and administering security policies for all systems within an enterprise or division. A more specific title is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), which refers to a person responsible for information security in particular.

Sometimes an organization will define the CSO as the person responsible for physical or facilities security and the CISO as the person responsible for the security of paper files, networks and computers within the organization. Some of the titles used by different organizations to identify staff members who may report to a CSO or a CISO include Data Security Officer (DSO), Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO), Security Officer (SECOFF), and System Security Officer (SSO).

single sign-on

An identification system that lets users log in to multiple websites on the Internet with one username and password. Single sign-on systems are also used within an enterprise, enabling users to access all authorized resources in the local network using the same username and password. See SAML and OpenID.
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References in periodicals archive ? customers can find in the AWS SSO catalog along with updated public documentation.
The result is that the income (insurance premiums) of the SSO has shrunk every year while its expenses keep rising.
In an interview with The Verge, Google product management director Mark Risher -- who leads Google's identity, security, and SSO services -- laid out why the search giant sees Apple's SSO entry as a good thing, even if it incrementally hurts the amount of data that Google can scoop up.
This article explores recent trends relating to the SSO in England and Wales and proceeds as follows: Section II briefly summarizes the history of the SSO and outlines its current form; Section III presents an analysis of the most recent empirical trends over the period 2000-2017 and addresses key questions arising from the ongoing critique of the sanction; Section IV outlines some recommendations for improving the content and implementation of SSOs in England and Wales and discusses about the role and utility of the sanction in sentencing regimes; and Section V briefly concludes.
Thus far, criminal charges have been filed against SSO Gorpe.
Delrahim suggests that any effort by an SSO to enact meaningful FRAND commitments is problematic because "[e]very incremental shift in bargaining leverage toward implementers of new technologies acting in concert can undermine incentives to innovate." (32) But excessive royalties undermine incentives for follow-on innovation and can have adverse economic consequences as well.
Entrepreneurial centers, the technology transfer office, or even universities in general, should build strong networks with industries, government agencies and financial institutions to drive SSO intentions (Saleh, 2014; Ankrah and Al-Tabbaa, 2015).
The study "is the first that we know of to quantify an association between SSOs and gastrointestinal illness," says first author Jyotsna Jagai, an epidemiologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Despite these advantages, SSO is underused for access to mandibular lesions because of the potential for complications, such as unintended fractures or injury to the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN).
"This online event is not something that's available before It takes away the inconvenience to go to the (event) location," said Tilak Banerjee, Director - GBS, EMC, previous attendee of the SSO Week Digital event for the North American region." Attendees can pick and choose the sessions they want based on the level of maturity of their shared services organisations, as well as topics that interest them."
After reviewing social media posts of Russian soldiers in Spetsnaz units, many of these soldiers do in fact refer to themselves as "Special Forces." However, Spetsnaz do not truly operate independently, and they do not have the level of logistical or combat support as the SSO. It is more accurate to view GRU Spetsnaz as a multi-disciplinary reconnaissance force, similar to a Long Range Surveillance (LRS) unit.
There is currently no published measure of the activities that persons with disabilities and their SSO perform to coordinate care in the community, although related measures have been developed.