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(petroleum engineering)
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(1) (Service Switching Point) The local exchange node in an SS7 telephone network. The SSP can be part of the voice switch or in a separate computer connected to it. The SSP creates SS7 signaling messages that are sent to a "service control point" (SCP) to query databases for subscriber service and routing information. See AIN and SCP.

(2) (Storage Service Provider) A third party that manages the storage facilities for an enterprise. The storage devices can be on the customer's premises or at the SSP's site connected to the customer's machines via fiber-optic links. See ASP.

(3) (Surround Sound Processor) An audio component that supports the various surround sound technologies. See surround sound.

(4) (Switch to Switch Protocol) The protocol used in DLSw that locates resources and routes messages.

(5) (System Support Program) A multiuser, multitasking operating system from IBM that is the primary control program for the System/34 and System/36.

(6) (Serial SCSI Protocol) See serial attached SCSI.

(7) (Secure Simple Pairing) See Bluetooth versions.
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Benefits for SSP can be expected in new product development.
SSP will commence its operations from the opening of the Terminal 3, which is scheduled to be in late October 2008.
"Tommy Sheridan's new party is the product of someone who clearly had no chance of being elected convenor of the SSP so he set up his own party."
A number of key SSP figures - including MSPs Rosie Kane and Carolyn Leckie - gave evidence against Sheridan.
The SSP also includes a miniature float, like a fishing bobber.
We surely feel that SSP Technology in association with FAPER group can be your ideal partner worldwide.
Friday's expression by the German firm of its readiness to buy all shares offered to it by SSP shareholders amounts to dropping its initially expressed condition, industry analysts say.
These amounts reflected 39%-49% occupancy rates; most of the units examined had lease agreements under SSP's second plan, under which the owners received 50% of the gross rents.
The DIG Operation was compelled to also perform duties of junior post owing to the unavailability of SSP Operation.
rawalpindi -- Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Abdul Qadir Qamar ordered for the early solution of complaints by 8 people during an open-court held here on Friday.
The family rushed to the area but didn't find Ahsan despite ransom payment,' the SSP said.