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(petroleum engineering)


(1) (Service Switching Point) The local exchange node in an SS7 telephone network. The SSP can be part of the voice switch or in a separate computer connected to it. The SSP creates SS7 signaling messages that are sent to a "service control point" (SCP) to query databases for subscriber service and routing information. See AIN and SCP.

(2) (Storage Service Provider) A third party that manages the storage facilities for an enterprise. The storage devices can be on the customer's premises or at the SSP's site connected to the customer's machines via fiber-optic links. See ASP.

(3) (Surround Sound Processor) An audio component that supports the various surround sound technologies. See surround sound.

(4) (Switch to Switch Protocol) The protocol used in DLSw that locates resources and routes messages.

(5) (System Support Program) A multiuser, multitasking operating system from IBM that is the primary control program for the System/34 and System/36.

(2) (Serial SCSI Protocol) See serial attached SCSI.
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It means our Minister of Finance will continue to run a budget with large shortfall of SSP 7 billion a year; funded through central bank's borrowing which means pumping more currency notes into circulation every month.
For more information about SSP, please call Daniel Fletcher on 0121 779 8334 / 07920 078349 or email daniel.
SSP is a unique organization - an interesting mix of Engineering Duty Officers, Line Officers, two Supply Corps officers (a captain and a lieutenant commander), government civilians, and contractors.
The launch will be at the Central Hotel, and the same venue was used yesterday by Sheridan's opponents to urge SSP members to stay in the party and not join Solidarity.
The SSP also includes a miniature float, like a fishing bobber.
The Armed Forces, including the Reserve Forces, have no liability to pay SSP to serving members but their families may qualify for it.
We have been doing business with Thalhimer for years, and are well acquainted with the quality of their professional staff and the strength of their regional market position and reputation," said Richard Jones, an Insignia/ESG Executive Managing Director who oversees the SSP program.
In a change of strategy in its tender bid, German pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH said Friday it would accept all shares offered to it in major Japanese drugmaker SSP Co.
SSP offered to lease the condominium from the Razavis under two optional lease plans.
The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) announced today that Sue Kesner, Director of Publisher Development at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), has been elected president of SSP for the 2007-08 term.
As an SSP partner for 13 years, Goldman Sachs has funded an excellent non-public high school education for more than 1,750 low-income students through more than $7 million in generous contributions from Goldman Sachs Gives and the firm's employees.