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1. one of a flight of stairs
2. a series of steps


A series of steps or flights of steps for going between two or more successive levels with connecting landings at each level, either on the exterior or in the interior.

box stair

An interior staircase constructed with a closed string on both sides, often enclosed by walls or partitions with door openings at various floor levels.

circular stair

A stair having a cylindrical shape.

closed-string stair

A staircase whose profile of treads and risers is covered at the side by a string or sloping member which supports the balustrade.

dogleg stair

Two flights of stairs that are parallel to each other with a half-landing in between.

elliptical stair

Winding stair in which the plan of its inside edges is in the shape of an ellipse.

geometrical stair

A winder stair in which the outside of the winders is supported by walls forming three sides of a rectangle, and the inner side is unsupported and without a newel post.

hanging stair

A stair supported by individual hanging steps projecting horizontally from a wall on one side, with corbels or brackets.

helical stair

A stair whose treads are wrapped around a helix: commonly called a spiral stair.

open stair

A stair or stairway, whose treads are visible on one or both sides and open to a room in which it is located.

open-string stair

A staircase whose profile of treads and risers is visible from the side; the treads support the balusters.

open-well stair

A stair built around a well, leaving an open space.


(civil engineering)
A series of steps between levels or from floor to floor in a building.



When interpreting this dream, try to remember your feelings upon awakening. Going up and down the stairs could mean several different things. It could represent changes in consciousness, movement from one inner plane to another, or a change in understanding. In a more material sense, it could represent a rise or fall in economic or social status and the general efforts that are required to accomplish life’s small and large goals. Climbing may represent an achievement of your ambitions and a movement in a positive direction. Descending may symbolize your doubts or a period following hard work and achievement of a significant goal. Generally, dreaming of ascending a stairway connotes movement in a positive direction while descending is indicative of a down period or negative flow of ideas or actions.
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Widen the granular base trench at the stair location 24 inches in back of the entire width of the stair opening.
We live in a house, not a bungalow which helps, but when we're out and about, we always use stairs rather than lifts, on the basis that stairs don't break down and you can't get stuck between floors on a flight of stairs.
Depending on local code adoption, design of tall buildings' enclosed stair towers for egress safety is governed by at least the International Building Code (IBC), NFPA 101 Life Safety Code[R], and NFPA 92 Standard for Smoke Control Systems.
Designing stairs is one of the most complex tasks in architecture, since the stair must comply with stringent standards.
15 May 2017 - US-based mergers and acquisition advisory Integrated Advisory Group's client, Texas, US-based building products maker Latham Stairs and Millwork, Inc.
I wondered whether to reply and express my deep regret that I did not have any portable plastic stairs for sale at present, but that if I did I would almost certainly carry them, as he suggested, as they would, after all, be portable and if you don't carry something that's portable, what's the point of its portability?
Where there are multiple doors with one leading to a stair, which door would people, who are unfamiliar with the facility, choose?
About seven minutes of stair climbing a day has been estimated to more than half the risk of a heart attack over 10 years.
Researchers, calculating how many calories stair climbing burns, have concluded something perhaps even more dramatic than the 29 percent stroke risk reduction: If we each walked just two minutes more up stairs every day, we could entirely offset that average annual weight gain.
Start at the bottom floor and give each stair a number so that users can easily track their progress.
The researchers then reviewed the recorded video and participants were categorized according to male (n=395) or female (n=745), student (n=386) or non-student (n=739), and usage of stair or elevator.
Another option is to actually use the stairs as drawers with the vertical rise of the stair as the drawer front.