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A cessation of the normal flow of blood or other body fluids.



a stoppage or diminution of the physiological contents in the lumen of a tubular organ. The different types of stasis include stasis of the blood, or hemostasis (generally capillary or venous), stasis of the feces, or coprostasis, urinary stasis, and lym-phostasis. Stasis may result from the action of chemical and physical factors and bacterial toxins, from an impairment of blood-vessel innervation, and from a change in blood composition. Persistent hemostasis may cause tissue necrosis.

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Race Against the Stasi is a genuinely gripping, real-life tale of love in the Cold War, of extreme cruelty, kindness and a man motivated to take part in the world's greatest cycle race.
Berlin Wall, most of the records relating to Hauptverwaltung A (HVA), a Stasi division that ran an extensive network of spies in the West, were intentionally destroyed.
It sparked rumours had cooperated been given cars, persuade her not which Katarina insists Then in 1993, accused her of having Stasi and betraying She demanded before they were ours that the skater with the Stasi and a flat and perks to fl t d k t ot to defect, all of nsists was untrue.
On one occasion, Stasi agents even claimed to have listened in as she was having sex, even recording the exact time she began and ended the intimate encounter.
As this article will show, the file also sheds light on the surveillance process and the disbandment of the Punk group Namenlos and reveals a great deal about Stasi strategies to deliberately criminalize youth.
In the 1980s onwards the Stasi carried out more of a psychological war, collecting information about suspected political opponents.
After a chapter on Perleberg and Gransee districts in the Nazi period, which sets the scene, the main sections of the book deal respectively with the Stasi employees, their informers, and their targets.
Stasi said the captive stop-loss approach appeared less risky because employers would likely maintain the ability to self insure, even after health care reform.
No doubt Brown, Mandelson, Cameron, Osbourne, and the rest would cry foul at my defence of the Stasi at this point.
at the start of the 2009/10 season because the sponsors' chairman was a former Stasi agent.
These aspects of the ongoing conflict between the two camps are excellently captured by Kristie Macrakis in her original contribution to the analysis of espionage activities undertaken by the former East German Ministry for State Security (MfS), known as Stasi.
My own brush with the Indoor Supermarket Stasi began when a spotty youth in a uniform accused me of stealing because my two-year-old picked a grape off a bunch I was buying before I weighed them.