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sound transmission class, STC

A single-number rating of the sound insulation value of a partition, door, or window; it is derived from a curve of its insulation value as a function of frequency; the higher the number, the more effective the sound insulation.
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According to the terms of the agreement, STC Cloud will sell A10 vThunder Cloud offerings as a service for public use environments.
One STC Run also features a breakfast and bazaar area with food carts and a variety of goodies on sale.
We have set out to reintegrate Awal IT Services into the overall STC B2B strategy by re-launching the brand under a new identity, STC Advanced Solutions," he said.
The STC system is a snap-in connector system that incorporates a latch ring to provide positive engagement of the mating connectors and an elastomeric seal to prevent leakage.
The statement read: "The STC confirms that they respect their competitors and do not support such unprofessional behavior by their employees.
As the world's largest professional association for technical communicators, we feel it's important to award individuals who stand out in terms of excellence in technical writing," said Cindy Pao, president at STC Houston.
STC has spent the last six years since its privatization developing the Saudi communications services market and increasing the value it offers its customers," said Eng Saud Al-Daweesh, President of STC.
STC encourages its fellow SMW-4 consortium members to become a customer of the ME-IEX.
With the mission of stimulating Taiwan's semiconductor industry to transform into a high value-added industry with innovative design, STC was established on March 1, 2003 as a formal research center in ITRI, a leading non-profit R&D organization.
STC), the leading provider of telecommunications services in Saudi Arabia, to deliver an advanced software solution that will enable STC to significantly reduce network management complexity and operations costs.