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sound transmission class, STC

A single-number rating of the sound insulation value of a partition, door, or window; it is derived from a curve of its insulation value as a function of frequency; the higher the number, the more effective the sound insulation.
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According to the terms of the agreement, STC Cloud will sell A10 vThunder Cloud offerings as a service for public use environments.
One STC Run also features a breakfast and bazaar area with food carts and a variety of goodies on sale.
We have set out to reintegrate Awal IT Services into the overall STC B2B strategy by re-launching the brand under a new identity, STC Advanced Solutions," he said.
The STC system is a snap-in connector system that incorporates a latch ring to provide positive engagement of the mating connectors and an elastomeric seal to prevent leakage.
The statement read: "The STC confirms that they respect their competitors and do not support such unprofessional behavior by their employees.