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an urban-type settlement in Sarny Raion, Rovno Ob- last, Ukrainian SSR. Situated on the Goryn’ River, a right tributary of the Pripiat’ River, Stepan’ is 75 km north of Rovno and 19 km from the Malynsk railroad station. The settlement has enterprises of the food-processing industry.

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Among other important achievements for the further development of the economy, Stepan Kubov noted the reduction of the shadow economy from 40% of GDP to 32%, and restrained inflation at 8.8%.
Stepan is a proud participant of the Kimberly-Clark Professional RightCycle Glove Recycling program and is delighted to have received the RightCycle Greenovation Award last month for the amount of waste the company diverted from landfills.
In 2019, Stepan will be introducing new esterquat technology for hair care, starting with STEPANQUAT[R] Helia.
"We thank our Ecatepec employees for their contributions and wish them future success as part of the Stepan team," said Scott Thomson, SVP, BASF Care Chemicals, North America.
Rojo joins Stepan after a 21 year career at Procter & Gamble Co.
"We believe this acquisition significantly enhances Stepan's market position and supply capabilities for surfactants in Mexico and positions us to grow in both the Consumer and Functional markets for surfactants," said F.
Stepan said the definitive agreement is subject to closing conditions and the satisfaction of certain other requirements.
Stepan added that this type of reshuffling is not unusual for leaders in Xi's position but that there was a clear timing for the rearrangement of key positions on the provincial level.
Stepan serves the worldwide food and nutritional industries.
"The penetration and experience of Dowd and Guild into the CASE market, along with their adjacent product lines, make them the right choice for our customers," commented Patrick Saab, global business manager for polymer specialties at Stepan Company.
Before joining the waterway agency, Stepan was President/Owner of Superior Shipping and Consulting Services LLC, specializing in multimodal transportation matters.
Nash gave the Rangers a 1-0 edge in the first period with his NHL-leading 32nd goal, and Derick Brassard and Stepan scored in the second.