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StFW designed the research project, conducted the research and data analysis, co-wrote and revised the manuscript.
The flower stalks were assessed for the variables: stem height (StH), with measuring tape; stem diameter (StD), measured in the middle third of the stem using a digital caliper (Starrett, model 727); stem fresh weight (StFW), measured on scales; number of leaves per stem (NLSt); leaf fresh weight per stem (LFWSt), weighed on scales; dry matter of leaves per stem (LDMSt), by oven-drying under forced air ventilation at 60oC for 5 days and subsequent weighing; number of flower stalks (NFSt); and diameter of the floral receptacle (DFR), measured with a caliper.
However I just turn up and present STFW whereas with Soccer AM I worked my nuts off every day writing and producing it.