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(operating system, tool, security)
(substitute user) The Unix command which allows you to become another user after entering their password. su is most often used without arguments in which case it defaults to user root. Some versions of Unix only allows this command to be used by members of the wheel group.

Unix manual page: su(1).
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Kebir Sut is a joint stock company run by the Karadeniz family and employing around 550 staff at various locations.
Bu arastirma, Jersey irki ineklerde, CMT skorlarinin sut verimi, sut bilesimi ve subklinik mastitis tanisi ile iliskisini ve test skorlarinin degerlendirilmesindeki farkliligin sut verimi, sut bilesimi ve subklinik mastitis tanisina etkisini belirlemek amaciyla yapilmistir.
Hopefully by the end of the year, we would have achieved all parameters and then we will have the weapons firing using the upgraded SUT. It is not so much a hardware issue but a marriage of software, which is doable, we have ascertained that," said a top source.
will be at Sutto Sut n Coldeld Crematorium on Thursday 5th March 2015 at 3.30pm.
"Having in mind that the announced state exams will directly strike the students of all faculties on our University, we are aware that this issue should be treated institutionally, therefore on our official webpage the Student Parliament of SUT prepared the survey which introduces the students and professors with the external examination", announced Bilali.
Meddyliwch am sut yr ydych chi'n cyfuno cyfryngau cymdeithasol fel eich bod yn defnyddio mwy nag un platfform a meddyliwch am sut y gellwch chi fesur y canlyniadau.
Single-use technology (SUT), or disposable biopharmaceutical process equipment, is showing up in a growing number of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing operations.
While SUT is unlikely to have any assets in Europe, it is believed to have extensive professional dealings with European academics.
Llofrudd wedi cael ei hyfforddi yn drwydal sut i gyflawni dyn-laddiad orau yw milwyr.
It has been planned as an extension of the existing Mohammed Bin Faris Sut Music House and will be dedicated to the memory of Mohammed Bin Fares, a major proponent of the sut music that originated in the Gulf.
November 14-16, 2011 Houston, TX Presented by SUT and ASME-IPTI