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/S W F/ The filename extension for Adobe Shockwave Flash animated vector graphics files, common on the World-Wide Web.

A rarely used alternative expansion is "Small Web Format".


(Small Web Format) The file format for playing Flash animation files (Flash movies). The Flash source file, which holds the timelines and multimedia elements, uses the .FLA (Flash Authoring) extension and is published to an .SWF file for playback by the Flash media player.

Originally, SWF meant "ShockWave Flash," which was confusing because Shockwave is a different authoring package that uses the .DCR extension for playback files (see Shockwave). As a result, SWF was renamed "Small Web Format." Stand-alone Flash video files use the .FLV extension (see Flash video). See Flash and Swiffy.
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It is SWF files that are embedded in web pages and rendered using the Flash Player runtime.
Using the suite, technical communicators can create powerful documentation, training materials and Web-enabled user assistance containing both traditional text and 3D designs along with rich media, including Adobe Flash[R] Player compatible video, AVI, MP3 and SWF file support.
Professionals can take advantage of more than two dozen new features including single SWF file publishing, text-to-speech conversion, a drawing toolbar for simple graphics, enhanced project templates, and round-trip Microsoft[R] PowerPoint[R] workflows, which let users import and edit PowerPoint slides with audio and interactivity.
Agencies can maximize the creativity of their designers by allowing the same core design group to rapidly design high-quality files in SWF file format without compromising their vision.
FlashPaper 2 extends the content creation process by converting any file type into web-ready PDF or SWF file formats.
JPEG compression for Flash (SWF) - Users can significantly reduce SWF file size for graphically intensive recordings such as photographs, CAD drawings, or any complex graphic.