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US-based medical device maker Toro Management has received FDA 510(k) Clearance for its Sylk personal lubricant as a Class II Medical Device on 10 March 2016.
The use of superior, aged whiskies gives Sylk Cream Liqueur a distinctive, pleasurable 'bite,'" said Monica Garaitonandia, Drambuie senior marketing manager.
MIAMI, FL -- In what the company calls its most significant product introduction ever, Drambuie Liqueur has debuted Drambuie Sylk Cream Liqueur.
Billie Frank Mariah Carey Julian Dice Max Beesley Louise Da Brat Roxanne Tia Texada Lillian Frank Valarie Pettiford Kelly Ann Magnuson Timothy Walker Terrence Howard Guy Richardson Dorian Harewood Jack Bridges Grant Nickalls Rafael Eric Benet Sylk Padma Lakshmi Young Billie Isabel Gomes
The user can then use a graphical tool to indicate which data to export, preview the data extraction results, and export the data as CSV, SYLK, or XML.
Sylk refers to it, did not protect the Pennsylvania Ballet name.
4 King Britt Presents Sylk 130, Where the Funk Hits the Fan (Columbia/Sony) If you can't live without the voice of poet Ursula Rucker, you're better served by King Britt's release than by the slightly disappointing 4 Hero double CD (even if we can be thankful for the Alice Coltrane revival it unleashed
ALSO NOTED: Jody Watley, Flower (Atlantic); Tamia (Qwest); Alana Davis, Blame It On Me (Elektra); Kimberly Scott debut (Columbia); Rachid, Prototype (Universal); The Family Stand, Connected (EastWest); Maryam Mursal, The Journey (RealWorld); King Britt Presents Sylk 130, When The Funk Hits The Fan (Columbia); John Lee Hooker: The Complete '50s Chess Recordings (MCA); Phil Perry, One Heart, One Love (Windham Hill); Shirley Brown, The Soul Of A Woman (Malaco); Montell Jordan, Let's Ride (Def Jam); Sly & Robbie, Friends (Elektra); 7 Mile debut (Crave); Imajin debut (Jive); Deniece Williams, This Is My Song (Harmony); CeCe Winans, Everlasting Love (PMG); Charles Woolfork & Covenant, The Second Coming (Blackberry); GMWA Live: 30 Years In The Spirit (CGI); L.
Marina del Rey is combining the Sylk Music Festival and the Marina Chamber's Food and Wine Festival into one four-day event featuring Great Expectations Singles Night, KLON-FM radio (88.
These include Excel, WKS, WK1, WK3, SYLK, dBASE II, III, and IV, tab delimited and fixed ASCII, as well as SPSS/PC + and SPSS Portable.
Conversions supported include 1stDesk, DIF, SYLK, flat files, tab delimited files, comma delimited files and clipboard conversions.
Spreadsheet formats include SYLK (SYmbolic LinK), DIF (Data Interchange Format, used by Lotus 1-2-3), and BIFF (Binary Interchange File Format, used by Excel).