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, Finn. Lappi, Nor. Lapland, Swed. Lappland, vast region of N Europe, largely within the Arctic Circle. It includes the Norwegian provinces of Finnmark and Troms and part of Nordland; the Swedish historic province of Lappland; N Finland; and the Kola
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There are a couple reasons for this, but the biggie is progressives (like SAAMI chambers) have some tolerances built into the system, allowing them to work quicker.
The unpalatalized nasal is preserved in Hung negy and several Saami languages (e.
The Saami are the indigenous people of Scandinavia whose roots stretch back to the first lineage of people along the Arctic coast.
The company that runs Icehotel, has worked with tourism since the mid-1970s, and offers a wide range of activities, such as white-water rafting, fishing, visits to a Saami camp, reindeer and dogsled tours.
He studied the few maps and written histories of the indigenous people, the Saami, and learned the known recent history of the Soviet occupation, including their naval bases where nuclear submarines lie dangerously neglected.
And later, when we're stopped by a strangely-attired character in traditional Saami costume-then pelted with snowballs - things edge into the surreal.
After 1920, the Bolsheviks collectivized the region and subjugated its natives, known as Laaps or Saami.
The Committee is concerned that the recently proposed Finnmark Act will significantly restrict the control and decision-making powers of the Saami population over the right to own and use land and natural resources in the Finnmark County.
The Junior Language Challenge is a knock-out competition based on learning three languages - Spanish, Greek and Saami, which is spoken in Lapland - through interactive CD Roms.
To assume that an indigenous person, by definition, is automatically nonwhite or non-European would be incorrect, as the Scandinavian Arctic region's blonde-haired, fair-skinned Saami people reveal.
For instance, Michio Mamiya's ``Five Finnish Folksongs'' are included because the Saami people of Finland were nomadic.
Of course, the destructive parallels are not limited to the rainforest; for example, consider the plight of the Saami of Finland, whose reindeer stocks were decimated following the Chernobyl disaster.