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Although women among both Saamis and Delawares occupied positions of influence, this was rarely recognized by the colonial authorities, who marginalized Native women.
In the year 1715, Georg Wallin, theology lecturer at the Harnosand consistory, traveled to Asele Lappmark to visit the Saamis and inform his bishop of the state of Christianity among them.
In fact, he came to view the Saamis as unpolluted beings of nature, the Noble Savages of the North.
According to current research on the local sociolinguistic situation (Ivanishcheva 2014), the Kola Saami languages are critically endangered.
When compared to the situation of other indigenous minority languages in northern Russia, that of the Kola Saami languages is particular.
The first section introduces the contemporary Kola Saami bilingual lexicography.
Medicine Hat officials are planning to have an outdoor concert at the Saamis Teepee site.
While there is an Ume Saami--German dictionary, compiled by Wolfgang Schlach ter (1958), that work hardly fills the need of present-day Ume Saami trying to revitalize their heritage language.
The dictionary consists of a preface in Ume Saami (pp.
This is in line with Lule Saami lexicography, but in contrast with newer North Saami dictionaries, where a and a are alphabetized separately.
Herds of the Tundra, although intended as an illustrated coffee-table book for a popular audience, nevertheless contains an important, if well-worn, thesis: that the modern state, through its legislation and its recourse to modern technology, has fundamentally transformed the pastoralism of the Saami reindeer herders.
Formally, Norway acknowledges Saami ethnicity, but in practice the state views the Saami as Norwegians, with no right to make ethnic claims that would limit other Norwegians' rights.