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see ShebaSheba,
biblical name of a region, called in Arabic Saba, of S Arabia, including present-day Yemen and the Hadhramaut. Its inhabitants were called Sabaeans or Sabeans. According to some passages in Genesis and First Chronicles, Sheba, a grandson of Noah's grandson Joktan, was the
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The 'Good' schools are East Riffa Primary School for Girls, Al Alaa Al Hadrami Primary School for Boys, Al Noor Secondary School for Girls, Buri Primary School for Girls, Beit Al Hekma Primary School for Girls, Ruqaya Primary School for Girls, Zanoobya Intermediate School for Schools and Saba'a Primary School for Girls.
we have to mention Balqees, the queen of Saba'a, one of the women mentioned in the Qura'an though not by that name.
He also mentioned other writings discovered in the regions of Al-Ihsaa, Saba'a and the Maeen writings, affiliated with the ancient Maeen tribe, as well as the Tadmur writings found in the north of the Kingdom.
The sources said that a notorious security commander of the SDF was killed in a booby-trapped blast in Saba'a Bahran in the town of Manbij on Friday.
by ONASheikh Saba'a bin Hamdan Al Saadi, Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for the National Day Celebrations expressed his greetings and wishes to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, praying to the Almighty Allah to grant His Majesty the Sultan good health, happiness and a long life and the Omani people further progress and prosperity.
With views down into the alleyways of the souk or out across the waterways of the Creek, and a restaurant - Saba'a - that serves Emirati-inspired traditional dishes, guests can book to stay from just $325 plus government fees and taxes, as an introductory opening offer.
With views that overlook the alleyways of the souk or across the waterways of the Dubai Creek, the hotel also has an Emirati restaurant, Saba'a.
In addition, Salim Al Mana'i, Saba'a Al Sa'adi, Mr.
The Yemeni official news agency Saba'a, cited an official source condemnation of the attacks, calling it as retaliatory act against the decision of transference of the bank's headquarters to Aden from Sana'a, which is under the control of deposed Saleh and Houthi militias, a fact that would deprive the putschists of the main fountain that funds their warfare operations and logistics.
The source noted that the second blast occurred near a popular market in Saba'a Bour area north of Baghdad and led to the death of two civilians and wounding eight others and damaging a number of shops ./ End
Sheikh Saba'a bin Hamdan al-Sa'adi, Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for the National Day Celebrations stated that the celebrations include a military parade on November 18th at Hisn Al Shumoukh in the Wilayat of Manah under the auspices of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.