the family name of two brothers who were Russian publishers. Mikhail Vasil’evich was born Sept. 22 (Oct. 4), 1871, in Moscow, and died there Feb. 12, 1943. Sergei Vasil’evich was born May 19 (31), 1873, in Moscow and died there Mar. 22 (Apr. 4), 1909. Graduates of the physics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University.

In 1891 the Sabashnikov brothers founded a publishing house in Moscow to produce primarily natural science literature and fiction. They published K. A. Timiriazev’s Life of the Plant, A. Veisman’s Lectures on Evolutionary Theory, and a number of historical-literary series, including Monuments of World Literature; Countries, Ages, and Peoples; A Pushkin Library, and A Lomonosov Library. They published Russian Propylaea, the title of a multivolume series of anthologies on the history of Russian literature edited by M. O. Gershenzon, and also works by V. G. Belinskii, N. P. Ogarev, Calderón, and P. Shelley.

The publishing house was not nationalized after the October Revolution of 1917. In the Soviet period it published the series Results of the Works of Russian Experimental Institutions and Resources of Russia, which were both executed by the Commission for the Study of Russia’s Natural and Productive Forces under the Academy of Sciences. It published monographs as well. The historical-literary series Notes of the Past became the best known of its Soviet publications. In all, the publishing house put out more than 600 book titles.

In 1930 the cooperative publishing house Sever was founded upon the Sabashnikov publishing house. M. V. Sabashnikov worked there as managing editor and director of the editorial-publishing section.


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In 1913 Mikhail Sabashnikov (a publisher with whom, by a twist of fate, Nabokov's father was to fight in a duel) offered to publish Briusov's The Aeneid in his series "The Monuments of World Literature.