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a village on the left bank of the Iuzhnyi Bug, in Ul’ianovka Raion, Kirovograd Oblast, Ukrainian SSR; the remains of two settlements of the Tripol’e Culture dating from the second half of fourth millennium B.C. are located near Saba-tinovka. These settlements were studied in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The lower layer of Sabatinovka I yielded remains of the Tripoli Culture, dating from the period of the culture’s highest development; remains included dwellings, anthropomorphic statuettes, copper and bone items, and decorated pottery. The upper layer (first millennium B.C.) yielded materials related to the last stage of the Timber-Frame Culture (srubnaia kul’tura); this last stage later became known as the Sabatinovka period.

The early Tripol’e single-layer settlement of Sabatinovka II yielded the remains of pisé houses with stone thresholds, pit houses, various kinds of pottery, weapons made of stone, bone, and horn, and anthropomorphic statuettes.

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