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persons who insist upon strict observance of Sunday as the SabbathSabbath
[Heb.,=repose], in Judaism, last day of the week (Saturday), observed as a rest day for the twenty-five hours commencing with sundown on Friday. In the biblical account of creation (Gen. 1) the seventh day is set as a Sabbath to mark God's rest after his work.
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. Societies promoting Sabbatarian objectives include the Lord's Day Alliance of the United States and the Lord's Day Observance Society in England. In the United States, Sabbatarian laws, known as blue laws, which bar certain business and sporting activities on Sunday, are still effective in many states and localities. The term is also applied to those who observe the seventh day (Saturday) as the Sabbath, such as certain AdventistsAdventists
[advent, Lat.,=coming], members of a group of related religious denominations whose distinctive doctrine centers in their belief concerning the imminent second coming of Jesus (see Judgment Day).
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 and the Seventh-Day BaptistsSeventh-Day Baptists,
Protestant church holding the same doctrines as other Calvinistic Baptists but observing the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath. In the Reformation in England the observance was adopted by many, and in the 17th cent.
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The CoA ultimately unanimously dismissed the appeal, although it did criticise the ET's reasoning for limiting itself to LOOKING at the impact on Christians holding the same sabbatarian belief as Mrs Mba.
For the next eight years, Sabbatarian Adventists gathered to debate such issues as the acceptance of Ellen White's prophetic gifts, financial support for ministers, the propriety of tithing, and even an appropriate name.
Further, Calvin was not a prohibitionist or strict sabbatarian.
Wannabe rocker Sharif Hamaty, 19, is on a mission to get his heavy metal band Sabbatarian recognised in Dubai.
The American Sabbatarian tradition--which prohibited Sunday work, disruption of the peace, and various unseemly activities like sports, gambling, and entertainment--dates back to the country's colonial origins.
I think that it is very brave of him to challenge the sabbatarian and social prejudices of some of his neighbours, and to raise the profile of homo-sexuality in Lewis, even if he didn't know he was being observed.
The Leisure Hour, and even more so The Sunday at Home, reflected the much larger sabbatarian movement, devoted to preserving Sunday as a day of rest and of religious observance.
53) Though usually lacking the Sabbatarian rigor of their New England cousins, residents of Barbados, Jamaica, and South Carolina set the Lord's Day aside as a special one in the week.
When the Roman emperor Constantine proclaimed Sunday a public holiday in AD 321, Christians faced a question that was debated for the next 2,000 years: Should they observe it in Sabbatarian fashion, as the Jews did their holy day, in keeping with the Fourth Commandment: "Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy"?
A SECOND Sunday air service is to be started to the Sabbatarian stronghold of the Isle of Lewis - angering Wee Frees.
His enumeration of the links between these different natural cycles via the patterns of seven actually makes my point: The sabbatarian pattern is uniquely Jewish, is integral to the Jewish cultural construction of time--but it is not natural.
But it is significanf as a clear-cut endorsement of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and is also a reaffirmation by the Supreme Court of a decision that allowed exemptions from work on Saturdays for Sabbatarian Adventists.