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see ShebaSheba,
biblical name of a region, called in Arabic Saba, of S Arabia, including present-day Yemen and the Hadhramaut. Its inhabitants were called Sabaeans or Sabeans. According to some passages in Genesis and First Chronicles, Sheba, a grandson of Noah's grandson Joktan, was the
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As of today, Sabean is now an employee of Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One , and has taken the newly created role of SVP/Digital Content.
Historians who studied under Sabean present 17 essays on three themes that have joined the diverse strands of his work.
The Holy Roman Empire, Reconsidered, edited by Jason Philip Coy, Benjamin Marschke, and David Warren Sabean.
A retired RCMP officer and member of our congregation, Tim Sabean, was with them.
This seems to be flimsy etymology, even though in several Semitic languages (Akkadian, Phoenician, Sabean, Arabic, Ethiopian, Aramaic) the word for "heaven" begins with (sh)m.
The collaborative editorial effort of Jason Philip Coy (Associate Professor of history, College of Charleston, South Carolina), Benjamin Marschke (Associate Professor of History, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California), and David Warren Sabean (Henry J.
Johnson, Bernhard Jussen, David Warren Sabean and Simon Teuscher.
22) Alou has worked as a Major League scout, and minor league instructor, helping Sabean on player evaluation.
Yet, such wise moves by GM Brian Sabean are nothing new.
But Giants general manager Brian Sabean never doubted his team would be headed for greatness.
The city has a protective wall that dates back to the era of the ancient Sabean civilization.
Giants general manager Brian Sabean said his team was battle-hardened and used to making the most of their modest offense.