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Albert Bruce. 1906--93, US microbiologist, born in Poland. He developed the Sabin vaccine (1955), taken orally to immunize against poliomyelitis
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a unit of the absorption of the energy of a diffuse sound field for a surface. A sabin is the absorption by 1 square foot of a surface that reflects none of the energy incident on it—that is, of a surface whose absorption coefficient is unity. The unit was named after the American acoustics specialist W. Sabine (1868–1919).

A simple example of a surface that reflects no sound is provided by an open window. If boundary effects are neglected, all the sound energy incident on the surface passes through it. For this reason, the sabin is sometimes called the open window unit, or OW unit. Other names used for the sabin are “absorption unit” and “square-foot unit of absorption.”

The absorption of a surface in sabins is determined by taking the sum of the products of the areas, in square feet, of homogeneous sections of the surface and the absorption coefficients of the sections.

The sabin is used in American and British works on architectural acoustics. In the USSR, the metric sabin is used. It represents the absorption by an open-window surface that is 1 square meter in area.


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A unit of sound absorption for a surface, equivalent to 1 square foot (0.09290304 square meter) of perfectly absorbing surface. Also known as absorption unit; open window unit (OW unit); square-foot unit of absorption.
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A unit of sound absorption equivalent to 1 sq ft of perfectly absorptive surface. Also see metric sabin.
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