Sabit Rakhman

Rakhman, Sabit


pen name of Sabit Kerim ogly Makhmu-dov). Born Mar. 26, 1910, in Nukha; died Sept. 23, 1970, in Baku. Soviet Azerbaijani writer. Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR(1943). Member of the CPSU from 1943.

Rakhman graduated from the pedagogical institute in Baku. He was one of the founders of Soviet Azerbaijani comedy. He began publishing in the late 1920’s in the journal Molla Nasreddin. His comedies include The Wedding (staged 1939), The Happy Ones (staged 1941), Welcome (staged 1949), The Bride (staged 1954), Falsehood (1965), and Khidzhran (1970). They combine humor with sharp social satire and mock bourgeois attitudes, parasitism, and careerism. In 1939, Rakhman published the novella The Last Tragedy, and in 1954 the novel Nina, about an underground Bolshevik printing press. His novel The Great Days (1952) is devoted to the life of the modern village.


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