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The prehistoric animals, including giant sloths, sabretoothed cats and elephants, were found alongside a 15-year-old girl named Naia, the most complete early human found in the Americas.
IceAge: The Lost Kingdom features 40 animatronic creatures enabling you to roam the gardens amongst woolly mammoths, sabretoothed tigers and giant sloths.
Mammoth Manny, sabretoothed tiger Diego and sloth Sid are shocked when the ground under their feet begins to split, sending the trio afloat on an iceberg, separated from their families.
Once the deluge subsides, Manny and his pals Diego the sabretoothed tiger (Denis Leary) and Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo) emerge to survey the devastation.
Anyhow, the show, entitled 10,000BC, sees a motley crew of 21st-century, creaturecomfort-loving modern types dumped in the aforesaid unforgiving wilderness and told to make like cavemen (and women) - hunting, gathering and trying to avoid being eaten by sabretoothed tigers, just like our prehistoric forebears did.
SUNDAY ICE AGE C4 5.30PM A delightful animated tale in which a sloth, a mammoth and a sabretoothed tiger unite to return a lost infant to its tribe at a time when ice covered most of the land.
And before they find peace they have many difficulties to contend with including sabretoothed cats, wolves, mammoths, a giant sloth, snow, hostile terrain and, above all, Wild Horse's malicious and ruthless cousin who is determined to track them and bring them back.
The plants and animals that do survive here might not be pretty, or cute - such as the sabretoothed naked mole rats that live underground - but they demand your respect just by their very existence.
London, Feb 26 (ANI): How did prehistoric sabretoothed cats cope with their oversized teeth?
Equipped with a braying laugh she is variously referred to by Basil in the series as: that golfing puff adder, the dragon, the toxic midget, the sabretoothed tart, my little kommandant, my little nest of vipers and a rancorous, coiffured old sow.
MAN would not have invented the wheel if I had been in charge all those years ago, stirring the pea soup, as the wings of pterodactyls darkened the skies over Birkenhead and the young Ken Dodd rode between variety caves on his unicorn - frightening off the sabretoothed tigers with his colourful quiver of tickling sticks.