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(pseudonym of Sachchidananda Hiranand Vat-syayan). Born Mar. 7, 1911, in the village of Kasia, near the city of Deoria. Indian writer. Writes in Hindi. Born into the family of a landowner.

Agyeya is the author of the collections of poetry Smitten Herald (1933), Enough (1946), and Mad Hunter (1954); the collections of stories The One Who Lost His Way (1937) and Tradition (1944); and the novels Shekkhar (1941) and Islands in the River (1952). The main hero of his works is the individual who rises above his surroundings and holds them in contempt. In 1943, Agyeya proclaimed the beginning of the new literary school prayogvad (“experimentalism”), the inherent characteristics of which were subjectivism and formalism.


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