Sadler, Sir Ralph

Sadler or Sadleir, Sir Ralph

(both: săd`lər), 1507–87, English diplomat. Through the influence of Thomas CromwellCromwell, Thomas, earl of Essex,
1485?–1540, English statesman. While a young man he lived abroad as a soldier, accountant, and merchant, and on his return (c.1512) to England he engaged in the wool trade and eventually became a lawyer.
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, he secured (c.1536) the favor of Henry VIII, for whom he went on numerous missions to Scotland to try to counteract the influence of David, Cardinal BeatonBeaton or Bethune, David
, 1494–1546, Scottish churchman, cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was made cardinal in 1538 and succeeded his uncle, James Beaton, as archbishop of St.
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. Sadler distinguished himself at the battle of Pinkie (1547). He retired during the reign of Queen Mary I, but after Elizabeth I's accession (1558) he became an agent of William Cecil (later Lord BurghleyBurghley or Burleigh, William Cecil, 1st Baron
, 1520–98, English statesman.
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) and was sent (1559) to form an English alliance with the Protestant party in Scotland. In 1568 he was a member of the tribunal appointed to adjudicate between Mary Queen of ScotsMary Queen of Scots
(Mary Stuart), 1542–87, only child of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. Through her grandmother Margaret Tudor, Mary had the strongest claim to the throne of England after the children of Henry VIII.
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 and her subjects. He was frequently employed to carry messages to the captive queen, and in 1584 he reluctantly undertook the guardianship of Mary. He was relieved of the task the following year.
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