Sadoul, Georges

Sadoul, Georges


Born Feb. 4, 1904, in Nancy; died Oct. 13, 1967, in Paris. French motion-picture theoretician and critic. A Communist.

Sadoul took part in the Resistance Movement and collaborated on the underground newspaper Les Lettres françaises, for which he continued to work after World War II. His writings also appeared in L’Humanité and elsewhere. Sadoul was a professor at the Institute of Higher Cinematic Studies and the Institute of Filmology. He held the title of doctor of the Institute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, having defended his dissertation there in 1956.

Sadoul was the author of studies on the history of the cinema, including A General History of the Cinema (Russian translation, vols. 1–3, 6, 1958–63) and A History of the Art of Cinema (Russian translation, 1957).


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