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, town (1994 pop. 21,600), NE Israel. One of Israel's four holy cities, it has a thriving artists' colony and many museums and ancient synagogues. Ceramics, diamonds, and handicrafts are produced in the town, which has a large Orthodox Jewish population. Founded c.A.D.
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, Israel.
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In Safad, flash floods caused the Safad Dam to outflow and flood the neighbouring areas.
Comisia mai propune ca orasele Tiberia, Safad, Haifa si Acra avand o populatie mixta, sa ramana pentru o perioada de determinat sub administratia mandatarului, de asemenea Golful Agaba de la Marea Rosie; Portul Jaffa a propus a fi acordat Statul Arab, care va comunic cu el prin coridorul mandatarului.
Striking 50 kilometers from the Lebanese border along the Tel-Aviv to Haifa road; Carmel, Safad, and Haifa are struck.
My generation suffered but we had an easier time than today's youth," said Abu Moujahed, 63, whose father was a farmer from Safad in Galilee and who still has uncles and cousins there.
Mikha'il al-Sabbagh, Tarikh al-shaykh Zahir al-'Umar al-Zaydani, hakim 'akka wa bilad safad, ed.
The successor to Dhahir al-Omar, Ahmad Basha al-Jazzar (1722-1804), succeeded in defending Akka against the French (the British sided with al-Jazzar), who succeeded in occupying Safad and Nazareth.
This along with the occupation of Acre, Tiberias, Haifa, Beisan, Jaffa and Safad, all before May 15, caused Palestinians to flee their homes; and this is what caused a breakdown in the Oslo Agreement when Israel would not face the questions of reparation and repatriation.
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He said fierce clashes took place near Salaheddin Mosque, Lubieh, Safad and Haifa Streets, with ISIS terrorists suffering big losses.
It's time to say goodbye to his children: Jana, 4 and Motasem 10 months -- before he leaves for Safad School in Zaytoun, one of the areas next to Shejaiya,east of Gaza City, a neighbourhood hard hit in last summer's attack by Israel.
Safad, Beisan, Kufr Bir'im, Iqrith, Suhmata, Al Birwa, Ma'alul, Al Bassa and
Selma and her four children left their home on Safad Street in the Yarmouk camp to stay with her sister in Sidon.